Coming to Melbourne in 1976 from Sydney I had a big decision to make – which footy team?

Well workmate, Ian Leckie took me to see a number of games featuring Hawthorn, but what a hateful choice of colours! Can you imagine, yeller and brown, the colour of mud.

Well I worked in the Western Suburbs, listened to 3LO’s Saturday footyshow hosted by Doug Bigalow (who I think got into trouble, but that’s another story). Anyway, there was a gang of ex players on the panel and I always liked the dulcet tones and common sense of ex Footscray player, Ray Walker, so it was the Bulldogs for me – a bad choice you might say going from the Hawks to the Doggies, but if you make a choice you stick to it, a bit like marriage.

The Doggies had a shocker last year, but I met Ray Walker yesterday at Richard O’Brien’s Thursday Lunchtime gig at The Assembly Hall (which was terrific and deserved a lot more bottoms on seats) and Ray reckons we might win a few more this year….

Well, anyway, here’s hoping. Go Doggies!

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