My writing on Islam has been limited to commentary around the issue of Catch the Fire Ministries and two Pastors v Islamic Council of Victoria and an analysis of a remarkable open letter, A Common Word between Us and You, signed by138 Muslim religious and political leaders and sent at the end of Ramadan 2007 to the Pope, 20 Orthodox patriarchs and leaders of all the main Protestant groupings.This received an initially cool reception from the Pope, virtual silence from the Orthodox hierarchs and a favourable if not enthusiastic response from a number of Protestant groups. The main Protestant response took the form of full page advertisement in the New York Times entitled “Loving God and Neighbour Together”, and was signed by 300 prominent Christians, liberals and evangelicals alike including Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Timothy George and John Stott. At the time of writing there are ongoing discussions between Muslim and Christian leaders. Whether it will ever lead to a reduction in Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East, north Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia and Pakistan remains to be seen. Patrick Sookhdeo from Barnabas Fund  is writing a paper, “Evangelicals and the New Approach to Christian-Muslim Interfaith Relations”, on where this discussion has got to and I hope to post a link in due course.

I studied these documents and came to the view that A Common Word between Us and You was a deceptive exercise in Da’wah aimed at the higher echelons of the Christian Church.

My assessment, A Common Faith?, may be accessed here (scroll down to p26)