On this page are to be found articles on Abortion, Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Euthanasia

1. Abortion

In 2007 Abortion was on the political agenda in Victoria with the Government requesting the Victorian Law Reform Commission to make recommendations on changes to the law of abortion. The Presbyterian Church and Nation Committee made submission, both written and verbal to the Commission along with a number of other Christian Groups, including the Ad Hoc Interfaith Committee of which I was a member. The Commission went out of its way to recommend against every proposition that we and other like minded Christians put to it. The Government subsequently introduced into Parliament and secured the passage of Australia’s most liberal, disgraceful law of abortion.

I had the following articles published

a) Abortion back on the agenda in Victoria

Abortion back on the agenda in Victoria was published in Online Opinion, 13th August 2007 and generated 391 comments, a debate that I entered into.

b) The case for decriminalising abortion is not so simple

The case for decriminalising abortion is not so simple was published in Online Opinion, 3rd July 2008 and generated 141 comments. It was written in response to the Victorian Law Reform Commission’s report to the State Government, The law of abortion, which became the basis of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008.

c) Abortive Morality

Abortive morality (scroll down to p26) was published in the Australian Presbyterian, August 2008.

2. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

At approximately the same time new legislation in relation to assisted reproductive technology (ART) was being processed through Parliament, the end result of which is that single women are able to gain access to IVF and other treatments using donated sperm. In fact under Victoria’s legislation it is now possible for up to five persons to be involved in the production of a child: the commissioning couple who may be opposite or same sex, a surrogate mother, a sperm donor and an egg donor. And so it is to be feared a new stolen generation is being created.

The article Making our mark published in Australian Presbyterian, November 2008 (scroll down to page 26) discussed both abortion and ART, the latter in the light of new legislation

3. Euthanasia

Euthanasia will remain an issue that will keep coming up and eventually be legislated for. There are a number of reasons. Certainly loss of religious faith, meaning no hope or at best the vague hope of being ‘reunited with loved ones’. additionally, with modern health care people’s lives are being prolonged in last years of life meaning a lower quality of life must be endured for a longer period in those final years. Not only so, but with fewer children those last years will become lonelier.

However, the legalisation of euthanasia carries serious risks and is but another indication of the encroachment of the culture of death. The article, Dying to go, was written in 2008 at a time when the Australian Senate had before it a Bill on euthanasia, Rights of the Terminally Ill (Euthanasia Laws Repeal) Bill 2008 sponsored by Greens senator Bob Brown, while in Victoria the Legislative Council had before it Ms Colleen Hartland MLC’s Medical Treatment (Physician-Assisted Dying) Bill 2008. Thankfully both Bills were defeated in their respective houses of Parliament.

A variant of Dying to go was posted on Online Opinion, 26th June 2008 as The issue of dying found here.